1. Just sent the proof off to the printers for my new book BEST BUSH IN TOWN.  Here’s the cover art.  I’m really, really excited to get the first copies back.  It’s a photo book about flowers, and what I think about them.


  2. The slowest, palest light today in echo park.


  3. Ana in LAtopia by Jimmy Marble


  4. zbzb:

    BUTLER 2014

    BIG Thanks to: Schude. Jimmy. Alison.


  5. From Lucy and Aleks in Discovery, by Jimmy Marble

    Art department: Adi Goodrich, Graham Keegan, Sage Price

    Styling by: Tashina Hunter

    Hair by: Nikki Providence

    Makeup by: Erin Walters

    Nails by: Marisa Carmichael

  6. I love traveling! 


  7. Avi and Ana in LAtopia by Jimmy Marble


  8. When I was 22-23 I lived in Paris, and I asked a girl out once by making her this movie.  I just found an entire trove of videos on an ollllllld hard drive that that girl and i wound up making for each other over the course of our relationship. All I want to do is make a script about that time period right now. 

  9. Hey! I’m going to need a team of interns in LA from April 23-27. I promise the project rules and you won’t be bored. Painting skills a plus. Posi vibes a must. Write me at mail@jimmymarble.com for more info. Super stoked to hear from you. 


  10. jimmymarble:

    So happy to finally start sharing “Trapped” by the Subs ft Colonel Abrams

    Directed by Jimmy Marble, DP Kelly Moore, Production Design Ashley Fenton, Costuming by Chandra Chavez

    Starring Bethany Toews


    Just want to make sure you saw this.  

  11. galasai:

    Stephanie Gonot

    Untitled, 2013

    On Tumblr

    I’ll love Stephanie Gonot until we’re dead people.

  12. from LAtopia by Jimmy Marble


  13. jucophoto:

    Darling Jimmy Marble, shot for Kinfolk Magazine. Set Design by Adi Goodrich. February, 2014.

    JUCO forever and ever.

  14. Ana in LAtopia by Jimmy Marble


  15. davidmcortes:

    Jimmy Marble doing karaoke 

    While performing “chatahoochee” by Alan Jackson.