1. humans are amazing. 

    just out there inventing impossible scenarios.

  2. Falling in love with Wings more every day.

  3. thegardenpartynyc:

    Director: Jimmy Marble
    Talent: The Subs “Cling to Love”
    Date: July 2014

    whoa!  sick gifs!

  4. mpdrolet:

    From Rosies

    Jimmy Marble

    + set by adi goodrich <3

  5. Editing new work.


  6. jimmymarble:

    Another preview of the work I’ll be showing at the Chroma Chroma show in SF on February 1st.  So excited to meet so many new people and see a city I know nothing about.  

    From Lucy and Aleks in Discovery, by Jimmy Marble

    Art department: Adi Goodrich, Graham Keegan, Sage Price

    Styling by: Tashina Hunter

    Hair by: Nikki Providence

    Makeup by: Erin Walters

    Nails by: Marisa Carmichael

    one of my favorites from the year so far.

  7. Do you party?

    from LAtopia by Jimmy Marble


  8. Editing new work.


  9. Me and Georgia by Lauryn Holmquist


  10. heyheyadi:

    A while back JIMMYnADI made a video about our relationship with Los Angeles.  It was a funny time, I didn’t know what exactly I thought about living in this town. So, we explored a bit.

     Enjoy a surreal ride through LA with visits to the Frank Lloyd Wright Ennis House, The Eames’ Home and Studio, our dear friend, Andrew Meredith skateboarding, the ocean and a trip to the Huntington Gardens. 



    2012 feels like a million years ago.

  11. stephaniegonot:

    Shot for buddy Jimmy Marble’s new zine BEST BUSH IN TOWN.

    I want to make more pictures with Stephanie.

  12. I love karaoke.

    (Source: everybodyknowsthisisnowwhere)


  13. You might just love my instagram.

  14. Irie 

    outtake from yesterday’s collaboration with YACHT.  super excited to share this set of images in a little bit.


  15. Kara in LAtopia by Jimmy Marble