1. Georgia, In the Wild

    personal note: first time ever shooting on film.


  2. Georgette and Rene Magritte in love forever.

    When I was 20 Georgette was my celebrity crush (incidentally she’s not a celebrity, I was just pretentious), and I wrote a script inspired by her.  Look at those dreamy eyes.  They still show up in my dreams.

  3. heyheyadi:

    5 years ago, I decided to leave Chicago and move to Los Angeles, California. I had never dreamed, or even actually ever thought of the city of Los Angeles that much.  One day, by total chance, I got a job doing window displays for Barneys New York and decided to move out to the west coast.  ”What the hell is happening!” I thought.  I had this old blog that I’d put random things on and Jimmy saw that I was moving to L.A.  

    He wrote “Hey, funny thing, I’m moving there too! I absolutely cannot wait to experience culture shock with you!” We had never officially met each other but we had been enamored at each other’s work for sometime.  Both of us studied with Ludmilla Barrand in Paris, but at separate times.  We had heard of each other from this magical Parisian Art Historian of ours.  ”ooh, Adi, you gotta meet Jimmy!” “oh, Jimmy, you’ll just love that Adi.”  And, so, we started thinking of ways we could collaborate from across the United States; he in Seattle and me in Chicago.. of course, it seemed impossible.  

    But, by some stardust chance, we moved to the same city within a day of each other.  On my way across America, Jimmy emailed me a script to a funny movie called Redmoon.  I read it, hated it, and upon our first hang out agreed to do production design on it.  At that time, I had no idea how to even begin to make sets, but Jimmy assured me we’d be fine.  ”Aaaaaadi! Quit worrying! It’s gonna be great!”

     He’d show his excitement and willingness to work through all  the problems we had at the time: Full time jobs, being super broke, not knowing what the fuck we were doing, being really tired, being young and retarded and being in a brand new city where we didn’t know shit. We had no other friends in LA for about 2 years.  Every night, we’d cook dinner, think about ideas, build sets, create fake contracts with one another, do stop motion projects, decide how we could go out and dress the same, plan our next movie, attempt to start a school.. anyway, he always gave me the fire and energy to just make it happen; to do whatever it takes and be really excited at whatever outcome came to be. Generally, the outcome was pretty cool:

    Eventually, we made a movie: http://vimeo.com/37565848

    I’ve got to say, Jimmy Marble entering my world 5 years ago, completely formed who and what I am today.  And, I’m pretty sure that constitutes what a best friend really is. 

    Besides being there creatively, Jimmy has been there with me through all the breakups, the unemployment, the tired nights of overworking myself, he’s cooked me many meals, all the birthday cakes, and we now have matching siamese sister cats. It’s pretty special.  

    Yo, Jimmy, thanks for always being a real shiny rock. I just don’t know where I would be without ya. 

    Adi this is the best. I love you. Being your friend makes me feel like I’ve won the life lottery.

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  6. Very excited to start sharing this photo set I shot in collaboration w Claire and Jona of YACHT.


  7. Next month I’m shooting a new short film called End of Babes. Lauryn here’s playing the girl babe. The short is about two people who fall in love, and then the apocalypse happens.

    I’m currently doing a kickstarter to fundraise for it.  Take a look at the page, scope out the incentives, make a donation, and help make cool art.

    Thanks, babes.


  8. The Benton Suit by Jack Spade by Jimmy Marble

    see the whole set here


  9. Bleached for Tidal Magazine by Jimmy Marble

    see the whole set here


  10. As a gift for all contributors to my kicktstarter of $25+, I’ll be sending out an updated edition of The Dream Worlds compilation DVD.  The DVD will included all of my directing efforts including:

    Red Moon (Vimeo Staff Pick), "Trapped" by The Subs, Be Cool (vimeo staff pick), “The Waining Hour with David Wain" starring David Wain, "Carolina Days" by Megafaun, "Silky Eyes" by Puro Instinct, and more! 

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  12. Yo! I launched a kickstarter yesterday that, once it’s complete, will finance two new narrative short films I’ve recently written. In my heart of hearts, narrative filmmaking is all I want to do with my life. Music videos are rad, photography is so special, but when I’m a dead guy, I want to be able to look back and remember the movies I made more than anything.

    My kickstarter is for two new short films, Polar Blades & End of Babes, two short films: One’s about a rollerblading polar bear, and one’s about young love and the apocalypse. The incentives are super rad. If you’ve ever wanted to buy any of my art, I’m practically giving it away right now for this campaign’s sake. Including for $10 a 4x6 print of any of my IG pics, and or $50 I’ll take your portrait in the LA area.

    You can’t lose.

    Here’s the link: POLAR BLADES AND END OF BABES

  13. humans are amazing. 

    just out there inventing impossible scenarios.

  14. thegardenpartynyc:

    Director: Jimmy Marble
    Talent: The Subs “Cling to Love”
    Date: July 2014

    whoa!  sick gifs!

  15. mpdrolet:

    From Rosies

    Jimmy Marble

    + set by adi goodrich <3